Part II

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In Search of Darkness: Part II is a four-hour-plus sequel to the most celebrated horror documentary in history, featuring 15 new interviewees and 40+ returning favorites. This perfect companion to the original In Search of Darkness is filled with new stories and insights into the films you love from the legends that made them.

New Faces - including Robert Englund (Actor - A Nightmare on Elm Street franchise), Tom Savini (SFX - Friday the 13th, Day of the Dead), Nancy Allen (Actor - Dressed to Kill, Poltergeist IIILinnea Quigley (Actor - The Return of the Living Dead, Night of the Demons), and Geretta Gerretta (Actor - Demons, Shocking Dark), as well as Clancy Brown (Actor - The Bride), Robert Rusler (Actor - A Nightmare on Elm Street 2, Vamp), Steve Johnson (SFX - A Nightmare on Elm Street 4, Fright Night), and more.

Unheard Stories - New and returning horror stars discuss even more ‘80s Horror films, including fan favorites such as Maniac Cop, House, and Shocker - plus new stories on your favorite franchises.

Explore A World of Horror - In Search of Darkness: Part II gives world horror films the recognition they deserve, including the films and legacy of Italian legends such as Lamberto Bava, Lucio Fulci, and Dario Argento, and movies from Spain, Hong Kong, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, and beyond. Plus director Shinya Tsukamoto joins our cast to discuss the making of his cyberpunk horror cult classic Tetsuo: The Iron Man.

Career Retrospectives - Horror Icons Robert Englund, Nancy Allen, Tom Savini and Linnea Quigley reflect on their ‘80s heydays in special segments dedicated to exploring their fascinating careers and experiences in detail.

Your Favorites Return - 40+ returning favorites return to give opinions and insights in all-new material, including John Carpenter (Director – The Fog, The Thing, They Live, Prince of Darkness), Heather Langenkamp (Actor – A Nightmare on Elm Street franchise), Barbara Crampton (Actor - Re-Animator) and Doug Bradley (Actor – Hellraiser franchise) as we dive deeper than ever before into all aspects of ‘80s Horror.

Press for In Search of Darkness: Part II

“There are so many great stories that were both funny and fascinating” - Nightmarish Conjurings

“It’s literally the perfect documentary” - On the House Movie Reviews & Podcast

“This documentary is something every film enthusiast and horror lover should watch” - The Blogging Banshees

“If the original documentary was Evil Dead, this one is Evil Dead 2!” - GoreyBits

“I could have easily sat and watched another hour or two” - Pizowell

“In Search of Darkness: Part II is an utter joy” - Upcoming Screen

Full Cast for In Search of Darkness: Part II

Nancy Allen 

Tom Atkins

Doug Bradley

Joe Bob Briggs

Clancy Brown

Darcy the Mail Girl

Lori Cardille

John Carpenter

Nick Castle

Larry Cohen

Jeffrey Combs

Barbara Crampton

Sean S. Cunningham

Joe Dante

Keith David

Robert Englund

Katie Featherston

Mick Garris

Geretta Geretta

Michael Gingold

Stuart Gordon

Andre Gower

Oliver Harper

Spencer Hickman

Kane Hodder

Tom Holland

James A. Janisse

Chris Jericho

Steve Johnson

Lloyd Kaufman

Jackie Kong

Heather Langenkamp

Don Mancini

Harry Manfredini

Kelli Maroney

Bill Moseley

Greg Nicotero

Phil Nobile Jr.

Cassandra Peterson

Linnea Quigley

James Rolfe

Robert Rusler

Tom Savini

Ben Scrivens

Corey Taylor

Brandon Tenold

Cecil Trachenburg

Shinya Tsukamoto

Ryan Turek

Gedde Watanabe

Caroline Williams

Matt Winston

Alex Winter

Heather Wixson

Tom Woodruff Jr.

Brian Yuzna