Part I

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In Search of Darkness is the most complete retrospective documentary of the genre ever made. Featuring compelling critical takes, insider tales, and unheard anecdotes, this extraordinary documentary delivers a new perspective on the decade that gave rise to some of the horror genre’s greatest films and franchises.

Over its four-hour-plus runtime, In Search of Darkness features an incredible cast of 45+ contributors, including John Carpenter (Director – The Fog, The Thing, They Live, Prince of Darkness), Heather Langenkamp (Actor – A Nightmare on Elm Street franchise), Doug Bradley (Actor – Hellraiser franchise), Kane Hodder (Actor - Friday the 13th VII-X) and Barbara Crampton (Actor - Re-Animator, From Beyond).

Each of the contributors gives their unique take on the genre and the films they were a part of. This is your opportunity to go behind the scenes of your favorite horror movies with the largest cast of ‘80s horror legends ever assembled.

Together, In Search of Darkness, In Search of Darkness: Part II, and In Search of Darkness: Part III will provide 13+ hours of incredible insights into ‘80s Horror. Offer ends at Midnight on Halloween.

Press for In Search of Darkness

In Search of Darkness received fantastic reviews from both critics and fans: 

"Compulsively watchable" - The Verge

"Absolutely captivating and everything I had been hoping for" - Nightmarish Conjurings

"An all-encompassing, delightfully spooky love letter to eighties horror" - Dread Central

"Guaranteed to be a documentary horror fans revisit time and time again" - Geeks of Doom

"A geeky and passionate tribute to American ‘80s horror films" - Sublime Horror

"Works great as a time-capsule film, cataloguing the best the decade had to offer and celebrating what made it such a special time in horror" - Film Pulse

"Thorough, affectionate, & endlessly entertaining" - The Spool

"A must-see, must-own documentary" - Saving Content

"A movie for the weirdos and misfits who have been obsessed with the darker side of things for as long as they can remember" - Goomba Stomp

"A towering testament to the love and passion inspired by ‘80s horror movies" - Boston Hassle

“A thoroughly entertaining documentary that provides a treasure trove of fun anecdotes and insightful analysis for hardened horror hounds” - New Horror Express