Join us on one final journey into ‘80s Horror. This four-hour-plus finale to the most celebrated horror documentary series in history will shine a spotlight on the straight-to-video horror classics that defined the era.

Back now to reserve your copy and get involved in production like never before: vote for the inclusion of your favorite movies, submit interview questions, and join quarterly livestreamed meetings with the production team. Opportunity ends at midnight on Halloween.

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In Search of Darkness: Part III will finish the trilogy as we started it: with an incredible cast of horror legends providing critical takes, insider tales, and unheard anecdotes.

New cast members, including Dee Wallace (Actor - The Howling, Cujo, Critters), Adrienne Barbeau (Actor - The Fog, Creepshow) and Julie Brown (Actor - Bloody Birthday, Earth Girls Are Easy) will join returning favorites such as Robert Englund (Actor - A Nightmare on Elm Street franchise), Linnea Quigley (Actor - The Return of the Living Dead, Night of the Demons), Tom Savini (SFX - Friday the 13th, Day of the Dead), and Doug Bradley (Actor – Hellraiser franchise).

In this epic final chapter, our focus turns to the straight-to-video horror classics that populated the bottom shelves at the video rental store. Imaginative, gory, experimental - but always entertaining - these hidden gems are ripe for rediscovery, and we can’t wait to shine a spotlight on these lesser-known and underrated titles. We’ll also be giving some overdue attention to select theatrical releases yet to be covered by the series.

For the first time ever, we’re offering backers the unique opportunity to get involved in the production of the film like never before:

You Choose The Movies - Which films and topics do you want to see covered in In Search of Darkness: Part III? We’ll be surveying our backers to find out exactly what you want to see, then using that information to create the documentary.

Quarterley Live Q&As - Join the production team for quarterly live Q&As where we’ll answer your questions, provide insights into the production process, and deliver first glimpses of in-progress sections of the documentary itself.

Submit Interview Questions - Have you got a burning question you’d love to ask your favorite horror star? We’ll be offering backers the opportunity to submit interview questions before we film a new interview. 

Exclusive Backer’s Movie Club - Every month, watch a movie (separately) then meet together on Zoom to discuss a movie together in a moderated discussion with like-minded fans. This is in addition to our current bi-weekly watch parties and does not replace them.

Unearth Forgotten Gems - Discover lesser-known horror classics that you may have missed then tick them off on the included checklist. Share your progress with other members of the community - who will be the first to watch them all?

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Your Favorites Return - In Search of Darkness: Part III will see the return of many of your favorite horror stars, including Robert Englund, Linnea Quigley, Tom Savini, Cassandra Peterson, Lloyd Kaufman, Kane Hodder, Bill Moseley, Geretta Geretta, Doug Bradley, John Carpenter, Tom Atkins, and many more.

New Interviewees - Once we know what films our backers want to see, we’ll bring together a diverse range of new cast members to discuss them. Early additions include Adrienne Barbeau, Dee Wallace, Julie Brown, William Sandell, and Mark Mangini.

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Your Name in the Credits - As with Part I and Part II, we’ll be crediting our early backers for their contribution towards making the documentary!

Back now to join our final journey into ‘80s horror. Purchase the ‘Trilogy’ tier to get the entire collection or add individual items at checkout.

Collector’s Editions

We will be creating Collector’s Editions for In Search of Darkness: Part III but we’re not yet ready to announce these. Any backer that comes on board now will be able to quickly and easily upgrade to the Collector’s Edition of their choice once we announce them.


We’ve partnered with our friends at New Retro Wave again to curate our official soundtrack. NewRetroWave is one of the leading voices in the emerging Synthwave scene, providing exposure to Synthwave artists who perfectly complement the ‘80s aesthetic we’re celebrating.

Our soundtrack for In Search of Darkness was a huge success, reaching #5 on the electronic music Billboard Chart. We can’t wait to hear this one!

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