Join us on one final journey into ‘80s Horror. This five-hour finale to the most celebrated horror documentary series in history shines a spotlight on straight-to-video & shot-on-video horror favorites, as well as unsung drive-in and theatrical releases, as chosen by the horror community. 

Featuring interviews with 70 horror experts and icons and coming with four hours of additional bonus content, In Search of Darkness: Part III is available to order now for a limited time only. This is your last opportunity to become a part of horror history and get your name in the credits: order by midnight Halloween to secure your limited edition copy.

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In Search of Darkness: Part III finishes the trilogy as we started it: with an incredible cast of horror legends providing critical takes, insider tales, and unheard anecdotes.

39 new cast members, including Charles Band (Director - Parasite; Producer - Re-Animator, Puppetmaster), Dee Wallace (Actor - The Howling, Cujo, Critters), and Screaming Mad George (Makeup Designer - Society, Elm Street 4, Poltergeist II) join returning favorites such as Robert Englund (Actor - A Nightmare on Elm Street franchise), Linnea Quigley (Actor - The Return of the Living Dead, Night of the Demons), Tom Savini (SFX - Friday the 13th, Day of the Dead), and Doug Bradley (Actor – Hellraiser franchise).

Together, our cast share stories of indie filmmaking adventures and the horror movies they love in a nostalgic love letter to a fantastic era of cinema, capping the critically-acclaimed, fan-favorite In Search of Darkness trilogy with a bang.


In this epic final chapter, our focus turns to the straight-to-video and shot-on-video horror classics that populated the bottom shelves at the video rental store. Imaginative, gory, experimental - but always entertaining - these hidden gems are ripe for rediscovery. These bottom-shelf favorites are joined by select theatrical releases overlooked in our previous films, but that are now getting the attention they deserve.

Presented in a year-by-year format alongside larger-context chapters, each of the 79 films featured was voted on by our community across a year-long fan engagement process. With the fans firmly in charge, the result is our biggest and best documentary yet.

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In Search of Darkness: Part III is filled with new stories and insights into the films you love from the legends that made them. Here are just a few of our favorite segments:

The VHS Gold Rush: VHS veterans Charles Band (Director - Parasite; Producer - Re-Animator, Puppetmaster) and Lloyd Kaufman (Producer - The Toxic Avenger, Class of Nuke ‘Em High) are joined by Joe Dante (Director – The Howling, Gremlins, The ‘Burbs), John Carpenter (Director – The Fog, The Thing, They Live, Prince of Darkness), and Brian Yuzna (Director/Producer – Society, Re-Animator, From Beyond), as they recall the early days of the VHS revolution, which saw videotapes costing from $50-$100. A distributor could sell a single title to tens of thousands of mom & pop video stores, leading to a huge boom in the horror film industry.

The Love Scene That Almost Ended Dee Wallace’s Marriage: Fan favorite Dee Wallace (Actor - The Howling, Cujo, Critters) reveals for the first time how a love scene in a ghost story almost derailed her marriage - and how a solution was found!

Satanic Panic Spreads: Unfounded concerns about rampant Satanism affecting children and teens through movies and music, fueled by far-right evangelical activists. Our cast, including Robert Englund (Actor - A Nightmare on Elm Street franchise), William Ragsdale (Actor - Fright Night II), and David Dastmalchian (Actor - The Suicide Squad) discuss how this only increased the success of demonic-themed/Heavy Metal content in horror! 

Screaming Mad George reveals some of his inspirations behind his work and shares his experiences working on Society, A Nightmare on Elm Street 4, Bride of Re-Animator and Poltergeist II.

Canucksploitation: Frank Dietz (Actor - Black Roses, Rock ‘n’ Roll Nightmare, Zombie Nightmare), Tibor Takacs (Director - The Gate), and others discuss the many Canadian-made films, including Prom Night, Curtains, and Death Ship, that appeared in the ‘80s thanks to the Canadian government tax incentives that made it easier for local filmmakers to produce content.

Adrienne Barbeau’s Halloween Scare: Despite starring in a variety of horror films, including Creepshow, The Fog, and Two Evil Eyes, and being married to John Carpenter in the early ‘80s, Adrienne Barbeau reveals she does not like watching horror films, and explains that the first fright flick she ever willingly watched was Carpenter’s Halloween - it scared her to death!

Must Have a Panther!: Xtro Director Harry Bromley-Davenport reveals how the movie ended up having a panther in the film, even though it had no place in the story!


Your Favorites Return - Many of your favorite horror stars have returned for In Search of Darkness: Part III, including Robert Englund, Joe Dante, Barbara Crampton, John Carpenter, Doug Bradley, Gene Simmons, Joe Bob Briggs, Tom Atkins, Linnea Quigley, Heather Langenkamp, Cassandra Peterson, Mick Garris, Alex Winter, and many more.

New Interviewees - In Search of Darkness: Part III includes 39 new faces, including Adrienne Barbeau, Charles Band, Dee Wallace, Screaming Mad George, Felissa Rose, William Lustig, Julie Carmen, William Ragsdale, Caroline Munro, David Dastmalchian, and Kathleen Wilhoite.

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Four Hours of Bonus Content - Includes ‘The Road to Darkness’, a special 60-min featurette revealing exclusive behind-the-scenes insights from the making of the In Search of Darkness PLUS every mini-documentary released with previous Collector Editions, including special content from Cassandra Peterson, Linnea Quigley, Bill Moseley, and Kane Hodder (bonus content delivered digitally).

This limited run ends at midnight on Halloween. Order now to join our final journey into ‘80s horror. Purchase the ‘Trilogy’ tier to get the entire collection or add individual items at checkout.


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