Will You Be Offering Collector’s Editions?

We will be creating Collector’s Editions for In Search of Darkness: Part III but we’re not yet ready to announce these. Any backer that comes on board now will be able to quickly and easily upgrade to the Collector’s Edition of their choice once we announce them.

Why does the DVD version cost $5 more than the Blu-ray version?

Production costs per unit for low numbers (DVDs make up less than 10% of our sales) are substantially higher and this is reflected in the small price increase.

Do You Accept International Orders?

Yes. We offer free shipping worldwide to most countries, and accept most currencies through our secure payment processing system. Although payments are processed in U.S. Dollars, you will see the equivalent charge in your currency on your bank or credit card statement.

Will The Blu-ray Be Region-Free?

Yes, the Blu-ray will be region free.

When Will I Receive My Copy?

This is a crowdfunding campaign to fund the production of In Search of Darkness: Part III. All ordered items will be shipped together and we anticipate that shipping will happen in December 2022.

Why Is This Campaign Not on Kickstarter?  

We’ve decided to create In Search of Darkness: Part III in response to the overwhelming demand from our existing customers, and this campaign is aimed at them. Doing this on our own platform also enables us to invest more heavily in the production of the film itself than if we had run a Kickstarter (because Kickstarter has high fees).

How Will My Vote Be Counted?

In mid-November, after the campaign has ended, we will reach out to all backers with a comprehensive survey that will enable you to register your votes for which films and topics you most want to see. We will reveal the results of the survey and discuss how we will implement them in a live production Q&A which all backers will be invited to attend (a replay will be made available). This live event will likely happen in early December.

How Do I Join The Community?

We’ll email out to every backer after the campaign with details of how they can get involved in the community and what our next events are. Please also join us for our fortnightly horror watch parties on YouTube!

What Does The Membership Card Do?

Our membership is a tribute to the video store membership cards we all had. We’ll be using this card as a gateway to access exclusive future content and deals with selected partners. It will also look nice in your wallet!

What is Your Refund Policy?

We offer refunds until one week after the end of the campaign (7th november). After this, all money raised by the campaign will be allocated to the production of In Search of Darkness: Part III. This means that refunds will not be offered after this period. In the event of a problem with shipping (such as a damaged package) we will send out replacements.

How Long Will The Documentary Be?

Like the other two entries in the series, we anticipate In Search of Darkness: Part III will be four-hours-plus.

What is the Schedule for Community Events?

We’ll have quarterly live production Q&As and monthly film club meetings. We’ll also be continuing our fortnightly horror Watch Parties. We’ll be in contact after the campaign has ended with a more detailed schedule and dates for your diary.

My Question Isn’t Answered Here

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