When Will I Receive My Copy?

Digital streaming/download codes will be emailed to backers at the end of November 2022. Shipping of physical rewards/merchandise is due to begin at the end of February 2023. To ensure you receive your digital edition correctly, please ensure codes@creatorvc.com is added to your email whitelist so you can receive our emails. Here is a guide to show you how to add us to your email whitelist.

I'm Having Trouble Watching My Digital Copy using Vimeo On-Demand, What Should I Do?

For technical support, please check this article: How to Use a Vimeo On Demand Promo Code or contact Vimeo’s technical support.

Why Do You Use Vimeo On Demand For Digital Editions?

Vimeo on demand allows us to distribute individual backer codes at scale and the platform delivers a high standard of video streaming quality.

Why Does Vimeo Say It Costs $2000 to Purchases the Documentary?

Our digital release of ISOD3 is for backers only, and pricing our film on Vimeo at the maximum Vimeo allows ($2000) discourages unauthorised purchases from non-backers and helps keep the experience exclusive.

Does ISOD3 come With Subtitles?

Yes, English and Spanish subtitles are included with the digital release, but please note the bonus content does not come with subtitles.

I've Spotted an Error in In Search of Darkness: Part III

If you spot an error, please take a screenshot and contact support@creatorvc.com.

I Can't Find My Name In The Credits?

Please take a screenshot of where your credit should be (they are listed alphabetically) and contact support@creatorvc.com

How Long Is The Documentary?

The documentary has a runtime of 5 hours and 15 minutes.

What is Your Refund Policy?

We offer a 14-day money-back guarantee from your date of purchase. After this refunds will not be available. In the event of a problem with shipping where ourselves or one of our partners is at fault (such as a damaged package) we will send out replacements.

Will You Be Offering Collector’s Editions?

We announced on our ISOD3 backer Livestream event that we would offer Elvira and Corey Taylor Collector Editions. These Collector Editions were promoted exclusively via our partner's social media and email between Oct 6-31st, 2022 and are no longer available.

What is the Schedule for Community Events?

Community events for ISOD3 have now ended

My payment was declined, what should I do?

Our payments system is hosted by Shopify, the world’s number one ecommerce platform. If you are having problems making a payment we are unable to assist. Please contact your card issuer/bank and ask them to accept the transaction.

Do You Accept International Orders?

Yes. We offer shipping worldwide to most countries, and accept most currencies through our secure payment processing system. Although payments are processed in U.S. Dollars, you will see the equivalent charge in your currency on your bank or credit card statement.

How Can I Ensure I Receive Shipping Emails?

In order to ensure you receive information about your order by email, please whitelist no-reply@creatorvc.com, codes@creatorvc.com, orders@creatorvc.com and ​​tracking@acutrack.info (here is a guide) to ensure you can receive our emails.

Why does the DVD version cost $5 more than the Blu-ray version?

Production costs per unit for low numbers (DVDs make up less than 10% of our sales) are substantially higher and this is reflected in the small price increase.

Will The Blu-ray Be Region-Free?

Yes, the Blu-ray will be region free.

Do the Shipping Fees Include Customs or Duty Charges?

No, these are the responsibility of the buyer.

What Does The Membership Card Do?

Our membership is a tribute to the video store membership cards we all had. We’ll be using this card as a gateway to access exclusive future content and deals with selected partners. It will also look nice in your wallet!

Why is the bonus content digital and not on the Blu-ray?

Because of the 5-hour length of the documentary, including the bonus content would have necessitated either a drop in quality or the inclusion of additional discs, which would have led to an increase in cost.

What can I put as my username in the credits?

Names in the credits are limited to 28 characters. We don’t accept bad language, racial, or sexual terms. You can include your online handle or the name of your website/blog/channel if you wish to and it fits within your 28 characters.

Do you have a Discord?

Yes! Join our Discord here

My Question Isn’t Answered Here

Please submit a ticket on our support portal